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Welcome to HwH Productions, the creator of quality wingshooting television programming.
Here you will find pages on our original award winning series, Hunting With Hank, Dez Young's Wingshooter's Journal,
Upland Days with Dash and Dez, and Dash in the Uplands.

Visit the Episode Guides to browse through the library of our adventures. Whether it's Hank's first trip to Alaska for the explosive Ptarmigan in
Hunting with Hank or Dash's last trip to the 10,000 ft. level of the Ruby Mountains in Nevada searching for the elusive Himalayan Snowcock
in Dash in the Uplands, we're sure you'll find something which will make a great addition to your own library.

You can now order Dez's new audio book: Dash in the Uplands, legacy of a legend". As he did for 135 television shows,
Dez narrates this audio book about his life with Hank's equally famous son, Dash from before he arrived at Dez's home as a 7 week old puppy,
through all 62 episodes of his television series. Dez has put his personal touch to Dash's story, just as he did when he narrated and hosted each of Dash's shows.

Learn about the Dez Young Endorsed Wingshooting Lodge program.


Frequently Asked Questions

With Dash in the Uplands, we continue the adventures established in our award winning programs Hunting with Hank and Upland Days with Dash and Dez. This series follows Dash as he hunts the deserts of Sonora, Mexico for Gambles Quail, the island of Lanai in Hawaii for Pheasant and Francolin, Pheasant and Chukar in Oregon, the Tejon Ranch in California for Valley Quail, and many other exciting locations. Check our EPISODE GUIDE for descriptions of the shows.

Upland Days with Dash and Dez Dash is the son of my famous Llewellin Setter, Hank, from Hunting with Hank. In this series we carry on the tradition of fine upland bird hunting with family and friends. Our trips include journeys to Alaska for Ptarmigan, Vermont for the wily Woodcock, California for Quail, South Dakota for Sharptails and Pheasant, along with many other destinations. Check our EPISODE GUIDE for descriptions of the shows. We are sure you will enjoy these.

This was our original series on OLN. Produced from 1997 to 2002, Hunting with Hank featured as its "star" my Llewellin Setter, Hank. We hunted a wide variety of upland birds in many types of terrain and weather conditions. Our trips included friends and family members whenever possible, but Hank and I also just spent time in the field together. Over the six seasons of Hunting with Hank , our adventures took us as far north as the great state of Alaska and as far south as Florida. Hank passed away in his sleep in August of 2004, but you can relive all his adventures on DVD's from our store. Check the EPISODE GUIDE for descriptions of the shows.

Dez Young's Wingshooter's Journal On these Specials, we take you to experience the bird hunting in Scotland, Uruguay, and Hawaii. From the South American country of Uruguay, we hunt the Perdiz (Uruguay's upland bird), Eared Doves and Wood Pigeons. In Scotland, we hunt Pheasant, the fabled Red Grouse in the Scottish moors, and even fish a little on the renowned Spey River. Hawaii offers spectacular hunting for Pheasant and Francolin, along with incredible scenery. While we do not take Hank or Dash with us on these trips, we do take the same philosophy of their popular series. We focus our attention on not just the bird hunting, but also on the people we meet, the countryside we see, and the dogs we have the privilege to hunt with.

Be sure to visit us on Amazon. All episodes of Hank and Dash are available on DVD.

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