August 2015 Newsletter

Hi everyone: As August begins here in the Northwest (Portland to be exact), the temperatures are really beginning to heat up. I was thinking today about Hank and Dash and how they coped with the summer heat (with their long hair, I always was concerned about them getting over heated).

In order to keep them in shape, I had to run them several times a week, of I would get up early on those hot summer days and take them to our close by park for a run. Sometimes we would get into the park so early that we would catch a glimpse of a coyote coming back from a night forage and heading for the brush along the small creek that divides the park. I would, of course, put them at heal and watch carefully to make sure the coyote had no intension of following us. Hank was always aware, but Dash was mostly oblivious to any distractions like that.

Many of you have been kind enough to check in with me to get a status report on the progress of Upland Almanac Television, so here's the latest: James Dietch (Sales) and John Gosselin (Publisher) are hard at work contacting potential advertisers for this new quarterly series. I have lined up locations around the country for each of the 4 quarterly programs we plan on taping this coming fall/winter. There is lots of interest, but no commitments as of this writing. I'll, of course, keep you informed as we progress.

If you haven't ordered your DVD yet (My boys, the best of Hank and Dash), be sure to get your order in while I still have a few remaining. Send $25.00 (check or money order) to: Dez Young, 5346 Sw 33rd Dr., Portland OR 97239. Each DVD will be signed by me and has a publicity photo of myself and the "boys" on the cover of the DVD. It's over 80 minutes of my favorite clips from their shows, as well as my favorite "Never, ever spoil your birddog" segments.

As each new bird season approaches, I miss Hank and Dash even more than usual. I'm so glad that I have ALL of their shows on my own set of DVD's, so that I can watch them anytime I want...and I watch them often.

Have a great August...I'll talk to you again in September....dez=

July 2015 Newsletter

Hi everyone:

Although nothing is "for sure", it appears likely that I'll be teaming up with The Upland Almanac magazine to produce/host a new television program, "Upland Almanac Television, with Dez Young". If all comes to fruition, here's how it will work: the magazine is a quarterly publication, so the idea is to air a quarterly television version of it, following each quarter's mailing of the magazine, so that an announcement can be made of the dates/times of the airings on Pursuit Channel. Of course, I'll keep you up to date on the progress, but I'd give this project about a 75% chance of making it on the air...check in next month for more details.

My wife, Karenanne and I are leaving for Fripp Island, in South Carolina, to spend the first few days of July with my son, daughter and their families. It will be the first time we've all been together in the last several years. As my friend and Director Bob Corley and I used to do occasionally on our "Hank" and "Dash" trips, I plan on getting in some fly fishing while there...this time, in the ocean.

Don't forget, if you are looking for my DVD "My boys, the best of Hank and Dash", or my audio book "Dash in the uplands, legacy of a legend", you can order them through Upland Almanac magazine or their web page. Also, all of Hank’s and Dash’s television adventures are still available through Amazon.

Enjoy the summer...before long it will be bird season once best, dez=

June 2015 Newsletter

Hello everyone:

I hope your early summer is an enjoyable one for you. As I mentioned last month, those of you who have bird dogs, be sure to begin there exercises now, so you can have them ready and in good physical condition when bird season arrives in a few months.

I don't know how it happened, but my son, Glenn (Sales Manager for Zman fishing lures) has just turned 50!!! My wife, Karenanne and I will be flying down to S.C. later this month to help him celebrate this momentous occasion. My daughter, Stacy and her husband will also be joining us, so it should be quite an event. I expect Glenn and I will be testing out some of Zman's new lures on the resident fish while we're there.

Glenn has done great things with his fishing career, and it all began with me taking him ( and sometimes one of his buddies) on Trout fishing trips here in Oregon when he was a young boy. As he grew, I introduced a fly rod to him, and he soon became a remarkable caster and fly fisherman. His love of the outdoors (fishing in particular), turned into a vocation, and he's been in the fishing industry now for several years. The boy can shoot also. Even though our work schedules seldom matched, I did manage to get him on a "Dash in the Uplands" show a few years ago, and he was terrific on camera, and got his first Sharptail Grouse, which I had mounted for him.

Hard to believe that he's 50, but it's not hard to believe that he has made a success out of something he loves. Happy birthday, son...see you later this month!

Don't forget that you can order my DVD "My boys, the best of Hank and Dash", as well as my audio book "Dash in the Uplands, legacy of a legend" through our friends at The Upland Almanac Magazine. Additionally, all our Hunting with Hank and Dash adventures, including Glenn’s Sharptail hunt, are available on DVD through best, always, dez

May 2015 Newsletter

My friends:

Near the end of April two nice surprises occurred... First, my DVD "My boys, the best of Hank and Dash" won a TELLY award for the quality of the production. That award was the 19th TELLY that the boys have won.

Then, just this past Monday, I was informed that my Audio Book "Dash in the Uplands, legacy of a legend" won the Communicator Award for excellence in audio production! My boys, just keep performing!

Both the DVD and the audio book are now exclusively available through the fine quarterly magazine, Upland Almanac. You can order yours by calling 1 800 899 7810...or you can go to their web page.

With the onset of spring, I'm sure those of you with bird dogs will be starting your workout routines to get, or keep, your dog in shape for this coming fall. Remember that to get the maximum performance out of your dog, you need to not only keep working them from now until hunting season, but also remind them of the commands they need to follow when you are hunting.

I used to take Hank and then Dash with me on fly fishing trips to the Oregon coast. Not only did they love poking around in the surrounding bushes along the stream, but the also got great exercise swimming in the pools where I was trying to fish! If they got to a pool before I did, I just passed it by and headed to the next one...hopefully before they got there.

Have a great early to you again next best, always, dez

April 2015 Newsletter

My friends:

Spring has finally sprung here in the usual, it's been a wet winter in Portland, so it's great to see the sun, only if it's occasionally!

When Hank and Dash were with me, one of my favorite things to do (besides giving them their daily workouts), was to take them with me on my fly fishing trips to the Trask River on the coast. Lots of Sea Run Cutthroat Trout migrating up the river this time of year to span. I'd let the boys run along the shore, exploring the woods and river side grasses for anything that smelled good to them. If they were near me when I'd hook a fish, they would wade out into the water to inspect it before I released it to go on its way. Not only did they have a good time, it was excellent conditioning for them as well.

Here in Oregon, the released bird season ends the last day of March...don't really think of it much with the boys both gone, but, a few weeks ago, I did take my Grandson, London, up to Horseshoe Bend Ranch near my hometown of Pendleton for a bird hunt for him. There were several fans of our shows there, lots of birds for London to find (including a Melanistic "blue" Pheasant),so it was a wonderful weekend.

I am down to my very last few DVD's (My boys, the best of Hank and Dash), so if you want your copy, you need to get your order in asap. $21.95 plus $3.99 s/h to: Dez Young, 5346 SW 33rd Dr., Portland, OR 97239. This project has been a lot of fun for me, although it was emotionally challenging to put together my favorite "Hank", "Dash" and "spoil..." segments. But, it's been worth it to me to see the response from their fans.

Bob and I hope you have a great spring...and remember, if you have a bird dog, be sure to exercise it often during the next few months, so it will be ready when you get your shotgun out this fall.

my best, dez

March 2015 Newsletter

Hi everyone:

Now that spring is nearly here (I'm writing this on March 1, 2015), I'm reminded of all the years with Hank and Dash that I would use this month to begin their (and my) conditioning workouts. Where I live here in Portland, Oregon there is a large city park within easy walking distance from our home. It is in that park that I would take my "boys" several times a week for a workout. The time we spent in that park was used to refresh their commands that I used each fall and winter in the field.

Being just an amateur trainer, I felt it was important to remind them of the commands I used with them in the field, and the park was as close as I could get to an actual field, here in the middle of the city. My routine was always the same. With first Hank and then later with Dash, I would walk them to the park on a lead at "heel". Once in the park (usually there was no one there early in the morning), I would run through all of the commands I used on our hunting trips. It would begin with the release command (my hand on his nose, thrust forward with an "OK" verbal command. Once out in front, I worked on the direction signals left and right with hand signals and accompanying whistle signals to get their attention. Return commands and retrieving exercises would follow.

A thirty to forty five minute period repeated a minimum of three times a week, kept my boys in good condition through the spring and summer. When we were ready to begin our fall/winter hunting schedule, the summer work outs allowed us to spend long days in the field, taping our shows, without unduly wearing them out. Of course, a side benefit was that it helped me get ready for the fall schedule as well.

Taping our shows required long days of walking behind Hank and then Dash to make sure that my Director Bob Corley and I got the video we needed to move into the studio for the editing process. You can do the same thing for your birddog, even if you don't have a nearby field to use for exercise. A city park, early in the morning is a pretty good substitute. It's much better than the both of you sitting around all summer and then suddenly getting out your shotgun in the fall and expecting either of you to be in shape for chasing birds around in the open country.

Just one more note before I close. I greatly appreciate all of the kind comments coming from many of your that have ordered and received my new DVD "My boys, the best of Hank and Dash". It is so gratifying to hear that watching Hank and Dash again is bringing joy to so many of their fans.

Have a great spring and summer...I'll talk to you again next month. Dez

February 2015 Newsletter

Hi everyone;

This is the time of year when I look at the weather and wish that Karenanne and I lived in Florida or one of the other southern states. So, I have been spending a great deal of time here in my office, working on new projects, and marketing my DVD, "My boys, the best of Hank and Dash". I have been so pleased with response to this latest project. With my friend and Director Bob Corely's help, the DVD turned out to be all I wanted it to be as my final tribute to Hank and Dash.

There are three segments to it. First, are my favorite clips from our "Hunting With Hank" shows. The second segment is filled with my favorite clips from our "Dash in the Uplands" shows. The final part of this DVD is several minutes of the popular "Never, ever spoil your birddog". scenes that we always put in the last part of each show. Hardly a day goes by when I don't hear from a fan of our shows. It's a great feeling to know that not only are both the boys in the National Birddog Museum in Grand Junction Tennessee, but that so many viewers across the country still think about them.

Many of you might remember my Father-in-law, Don Swift. He was a frequent guest on shows of both the boys, and a favorite of our viewers. I just took him out for a short bird hunt yesterday to celebrate his 86th birthday! We were at my friend Chuck Cates place near Dallas, Oregon...Luckiamute Valley Pheasants for a short afternoon hunt. The guy can still shoot. He dropped two Pheasants with his Browning 20 gauge side-by-side over a couple of fine pointing dogs that are used for clients of the place. It wasn't like having my boys out in front, but it was a nice hunt anyway.

I'll be stopping by the outdoor show being held here in Portland this weekend, and perhaps I'll see some old friends there.

Again, to those of you who have been so complimentary of my new DVD, you have my thanks. I'm so glad this project has been so well to you again in March...dez

January 2015 Newsletter

My friends;

As we begin this new year, I'm pleased to tell you that 2014 was a great year for wrapping up my trilogy to my "boys" Hank and Dash. If you followed their adventures, and my recent projects celebrating their lives, you may already be aware of these facts: my book about Hank (Hunting With Hank, side by side in the uplands) was a best audio book about his son Dash, (Dash in the Uplands, legacy of a legend) is still selling extremely well through the magazine, The Upland Almanac...and now, my new DVD (My boys, the best of Hank and Dash) is also selling extremely well (also available through The Upland Almanac), as well as here at HWH Productions.

To order your copy to view during the new few dull winter months when you can't chase birds, just send $21.95 plus $3.99 s/h to: Dez Young, PO Box 132 Beaverton/Hillsdale Hwy, Portland OR 97239. Each copy has a full color, signed, publicity photo of Hank, Dash and me on the disc cover.

As I sit here in my office preparing this newsletter, I'm surrounded by many of my favorite photos of Hank and Dash, as well as the numerous awards my friend and Director Bob Corley and I won over the 11 years of taping our shows together with my "boys". Each award...each photo...each piece of memorabilia reminds me of just how fortunate I was to have had those dogs in my life. It still amazes me to this day, the number of people we touched across the country with our upland adventures. I am constantly reminded of the impact those shows had, by the continuing comments I receive about our programs through emails, regular mail and Facebook messages.

Let me end this monthly message by wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. I'll talk to you next best, always, dez

December 2014 Newsletter

My friends:

First, let me wish all of you a wonderful Christmas holiday. December is also my birthday month, so the days are filled with great memories of birthdays and holidays past. This year is no exception. A highlight for me was getting to work with my friend (and Director) Bob Corley again in the production of my latest project, the DVD "My boys, the best of Hank and Dash". It marks the final piece in my trilogy honoring my two famous Llewellin Setters.

My first project was my best selling book "Hunting With Hank, side by side in the uplands" (by the way, you can still get a copy here on this website, but there are only a handful available that Bob has been keeping for our fans). My second project was my audio book, "Dash in the uplands, legacy of a legend". There are a few available through the magazine The Upland Almanac. And now, my DVD which you can order here or directly with me at: Dez Young, PO Box 132, 6663 SW Beaverton/Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97239. The price is $21.95 plus $3.99 s/h. It will make a Christmas great gift for your favorite hunting partner...or even yourself!

I have been amazed at how many fans of "my boys" still want to see them racing across this great land, searching for the variety of birds that we hunted on their television shows. The DVD is filled with my favorite scenes for each series, as well as my favorite scenes from our popular "Never, ever spoil your birddog" segments. To make sure you get your copy for the bird season and for the upcoming Christmas holiday, send in your request right away, and I'll get it to you. Each DVD is personally signed by me with a picture of Hank Dash and myself on the DVD. From my family to yours

Happy Holidays! Dez

November 2014 Newsletter

Hi everyone:

As we begin this month of Thanksgiving, my mind drifts back to all of the wonderful fall and winter trips that I took with my friend and Director Bob Corley as he and I followed Hank and Dash across this great land videotaping our "Hunting With Hank" and "Dash in the Uplands" television shows. Bob and I traveled from one end of this country to the other, recording our adventures for 11 years and 135 episodes.

With one or the other of my "boys", we hunted birds as far North as Alaska and as far South as far West as Hawaii and as far East as Florida. Our concept was simple...videotape a handsome birddog as he pursued his job of searching, finding, pointing, and retrieving a wide variety of upland birds. It seemed like a reasonable concept when I first came up with the idea, but neither Bob nor I ever expected it would lead to such great fame in the outdoor world for those two wonderful four legged companions. With those two dogs, we hunted the mountains, the valleys, the deserts, the farm lands, the prairies of the mid-west, and the lush fields of Lanai.

As a result of those adventures, first Hank and then Dash became the only two television birddogs honored by having their portraits displayed in the National Birddog Hall of Fame in Grand Junction, Tennessee. A tribute that they each richly deserve.

All of that history is exactly why, this late summer, I finally completed my trilogy tribute to them by producing (with the invaluable help of Bob) my DVD "My boys, the best of Hank and Dash". Along with my book "Hunting With Hank, side by side in the uplands", still available through Amazon...and "Dash in the uplands, legacy of a legend" available from Amazon and through The Upland Almanac magazine.

To purchase this new DVD, My boys, the best of Hank and Dash, (nearly 85 minutes of my favorite "clips" from their shows), in time to view it during hunting season, or as a Christmas gift to your favorite hunting partner, here's all you need to do. Send $21.95 plus $3.99 s/h to: Dez Young, 5346 SW 33rd Dr., Portland, OR 97239. Or you can also order it through The Upland Almanac magazine. Each DVD has a cover photo of myself with Hank on one side of me and Dash on the other...and it will be signed by me.

This time of year brings back so many memories of Bob and me following those handsome Llewellin Setters as we taped them racing across the land seeking that aroma that was so mesmerizing to them...I am grateful for the years I had them, and miss them every day.

Happy Thanksgiving...

my best, Dez

October 2014 Newsletter

My friends:

Wow! That's all I can say about the initial response to my new DVD "My boys, the best of Hank and Dash". The orders for this final tribute to Hank and Dash have been coming in at a record pace, so if you want to get a copy of it for viewing during this upcoming bird season...or perhaps as a gift for Christmas to your favorite hunting partner, this is the time to order.

Send $21.95 plus $3.99 for shipping and handling to: Dez Young, 5346, SW 33rd Dr., Portland, OR 97239. Each DVD will have a photo of my boys and me on the cover, and each DVD will be signed. With bird season...and the holidays... just around the corner, get your order in now to ensure you have it to enjoy as the fall/winter approaches.

I just got back from a wonderful pigeon shoot, right here in America! SoarNoMore Decoys company near Boise, Idaho has a great system of decoying feral pigeons into their amazing decoys. They come in almost like ducks...they circle overhead, and when comfortable with what they see, the set their wings and coast into the decoys right in front of hunters. Of course it's great shooting, but it also helps the farmers control the huge numbers of birds that come into their feed lots and fields and eat huge amounts of food used to feed the cattle.

I was very impressed with the operation and the crew, beginning with Neal Hunt, who invited me to join them for a morning shoot. If you're anywhere within driving distance of Boise, you should give Neal a call or send him an email to arrange for a pigeon shoot that won't cost you thousands of dollars for plane fare, lodging, meals, etc. to go to S. America for this type of hunt.

As fall approaches here in the Northwest...and the air is cooler...and the leaves begin to mind traditionally turns to the uplands and all the hunting opportunities afforded to us as citizens of this great nation. And, although my enthusiasm for the hunt has not dimmed, my thoughts always turn to my "boys" and the great hunts we had's just a little harder to get mentally geared up for it...if you've lost a hunting dog you loved, I know you understand...I'll talk to you again next best to all of you...dez

September 2014 Newsletter

My friends: As fall arrives, I'm struggling with the fact that for the second bird season in a row, I'm without one of my "boys" to chase upland birds with. That feeling is compounded by the work that my friend and Director Bob Corley and I have been doing this summer, in compiling our favorite scenes from "Hunting With Hank", and "Dash in the Uplands" into the new DVD we are producing for their fans.

"My boys, the best of Hank and Dash" is almost ready as I write the September newsletter. Bob and I have made our selections, edited down our choices to fit within the roughly 80 minutes available on one blank DVD, and are fine tuning it to the quality that our viewers have come to expect from us. It will be ready to mail out in time for bird season. Once the original product is duplicated, it will have a cover photo placed on the DVD of Hank, Dash and myself...I will sign each copy and mail them out immediately.

This project is the final product on my trilogy tribute to those two Hall of Fame birddogs. My book "Hunting With Hank" was the first project (available through Amazon)...that was followed by my audio book "Dash in the Uplands, legacy of a legend", also available on Amazon or through The Upland Almanac magazine...and now, the new DVD. Each project has been a labor of love for me, but it's fitting that the last tribute is a compilation of some of the most enjoyable scenes from our shows with Hank and Dash.

As I've pointed out already, not all of the scenes are hunting scenes. I have selected the scenes that meant the most to me as I traveled across the country, following those two great Llewellin Setters through the uplands. You will also see my favorite "Never, ever spoil your bird dog" scenes at the end of the DVD. To order your copy, send $21.95 plus $3.99 s/h to: Dez Young, 5346 SW 33rd Dr., Portland, OR 97239.

Bob and I wish you a great upcoming bird season...and I'll see you...somewhere in the best, dez

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