April 2014 Newsletter

HI everyone:

Now that spring has sprung here in the Northwest, my winter hunting has come to a close...I had a wonderful time with Bob Berens at his Waterfowl Junkies business in South Dakota...incredible numbers of Snow Geese on their spring migration back up North to their mating grounds...although I've hunted Canada Geese many times, this was the first time I've been able to hunt Snow Geese...among the birds taken was my first "Blue phase" Snow Goose...I understand from Bob Berens that the Blue phase is just that...not a separate sub-species, just a color phase of the Snow Goose...it was a lot of fun, and a lot of work for the guides. They set out hundreds of decoys...move them to different fields if necessary...set up lay out blinds for the hunters...not a job for the weak! My hats off to all of the guides.

I also had a chance for a late season Pheasant hunt at the Double P Ranch, and stayed at the lodge...excellent cover...great chef...nice accommodations.

As I write this newsletter, the television "special" that I narrated (The Road to Tinkhamtown) is in the final editing stages, and I should know in the next couple of months where and when it will air. Once I have the details, I'll get the information to all of you through this newsletter and also to the several hundred fans on my facebook page.

It looks like my wife Karenanne and I will be off to South Africa in May to do some scouting for a possible new venture into outdoor television...I'll keep you posted on that as well.

As we say in the media..."stay tuned"...as always, dez

March 2014 Newsletter

Hi everyone:

As spring approaches here in the Northwest, this is the time that I usually would begin working Dash two or three times a week, getting him in shape for the fall bird season. When Dash died on July 18th of last year, it marked the end of those great days afield with both of my "boys". Including his dad Hank, I'd been working them that way each year since 1993 when Hank first came into my life. Of course, viewers across the country didn't get acquainted with Hank until January of 1997, when our series "Hunting With Hank" first aired, on what was then The Outdoor Channel. For six seasons Hank and I traveled the country taping upland bird hunting shows, and during that time he became the most recognized and famous birddog in the country.

By the time I retired Hank from television, his son Dash was already being groomed to follow in his dad's "paw"steps. Unlike his dad (we didn't start his shows until he was 3 years old), we started Dash's shows when he was only 9 months old! I still remember my friend and Director Bob Corley and I have many discussions on whether Dash would be ready at that young age. But on our first trip to Eastern, and then Central Washington state Dash proved to me and Hank's fans that he was going to be a "chip of the old block".

It's hard to believe that I don't have Dash to work with this spring. However, I do have a trip in late March that I'm very excited about. It's a Snow Goose hunt with Bob Berens of Waterfowl Junkies. I'll be traveling to South Dakota on the 22nd for a few days of laying in a layout blind watching those birds come into decoys. If you'd like to join me, call Bob at 651-230-4935 and see if there are any spots left. After that I'll be at the Double P Ranch for a day of upland bird hunting...call Cyrus at 651-357-2764 if you can join me there.

Next month I'll have an update for you on the tv project I'm working on: The Road to Tinkham town...so stay tuned...

as always, my best...dez

February 2014 Newsletter

My friends:

First let me apologize for being late with my newsletter...no excuses, but I do have something to share with you now!

The television "special" (The Road to Tinkham Town) is nearing completion at the editors...we now have a small clip to share with you. Just go to the following web address to view that clip and to look over the information in the side panel on right. It will give you information on how you can contribute to this effort if you wish. Here's the website: Kickstarter Projects.

I know it's long, but it will be worth it to get an idea of what I've been working on since last fall. Let me know what you think. Soon we will be looking for a home for this special presentation, and of course, you will be among the first to know.

I'll talk to you again soon...dez

December 2013 Newsletter

In November, I accepted an invitation to hunt Waterfowl in Montana, where I had done shows with both Hank and Dash. I flew into Billings and was met by Matt Disotell of The Rocking W Outfitters. After a short 30 minute drive East, we arrived at the ranch and the guest bunkhouse where I slept each night. Meals were "family style" with other guests who were there for the great deer hunting in that area for both Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer.

My timing for the trip was less than fortunate because the moon was approaching its "full" phase. Clear skies each night meant the ducks and geese were feeing through the night and loafing in open water during the day. Despite that, with Matt's knowledge of the area we were still able to collect some beautiful Mallard drakes as well as a couple of late season Pheasants through his hard work. Thanks, Matt.

Of course, Montana is known for its big game hunting, but it has a remarkably wide variety of feathered game. The upland birds available during the season include: Pheasants, Sharptail Grouse, Sage Grouse, and Hungarian Partridge in the grasslands. For even more variety you can also find Ruffed Grouse and Blue Grouse in the surrounding forests. Ducks and Geese migrate through Montana is large numbers, giving hunters an opportunity for a great mixed bag of wingshooting. Give Matt a call at: 302- 312-5884 to arrange your trip. I'll be joining Matt in January at his Eastern Shore Guide Service in Maryland for another waterfowl hunt...come join me there.

This is the first bird season in a long time that I haven't had Hank or Dash begging me to take them hunting. It is a difficult time for Karenanne and me, but we greatly appreciate all of the kind and thoughtful correspondence we've received over these last few months...it helps a lot, so thank you to all of you who have taken the time to write.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year...dez

November 2013 Newsletter

Hi everyone:

GREAT NEWS! my friend Bob Corley has uncovered a small stash of copies of my first book, "Hunting With Hank, side by side in the Uplands". They were found in a back room of Bonasa Press where they had been placed by the publisher. As I write this newsletter, those lost copies are being sent here to HWH Productions, where I will sign them so they will be ready for the Christmas season. So many of Hank's fans missed out on the initial printing of that sold out book, that Bob and I were really disappointed that we couldn't get it to everyone who wanted it...but, now we have a second chance to make sure more of Hank's fans get a copy. To order your book, just visit Amazon.com and search for "Hunting With Hank, side by side in the Uplands", or contact Bob here at our website, bob@hwhproductions.com, and he'll make sure you get yours in time to give as a Christmas gift to the bird hunter in your circle of family and friends.

While you're ordering your copy of Hank's book, don't forget to order your copy of my follow up audio book, "Dash in the Uplands, legacy of a legend". If you already have that audio book, or if you've given it to a friend, placing an order for Hank's book will complete the two volume set of the story of my "boys".

Update, "The Road to Tinkhamtown": Last month, I traveled to NH to video tape my part in the video production of this great short story by Corey Ford. Although my role was as the "story teller", I also accompanied the entire crew on various locations around NH as we filmed the story. It was a real privilege for me to be selected to read this story to viewers, and an additional honor to be able to read it in Corey Ford's home while sitting in one of his favorite chairs. I don't have any news yet on where and when this "special" will air, but we are targeting the first half of next year. Of course, as things progress, I will keep all of you informed.

Finally, Karenanne and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday. Even though this has been a particularly rough year so far (losing my mom and Dash), we are so thankful for the friends and family around us, and for the privilege of being able to bring you the adventures of Hank and Dash on television. If you miss seeing them, you can order copies of all their shows from Amazon!

I hope you are having a great bird season...and give your bird dog a pet from me...dez

October 2013 Newsletter

The Road to Tinkhamtown:

Although probably best remembered as the monthly columnist of "The lower forty hunting, shooting and inside straight club" which he wrote for Field and Stream during the 1950's and 60's, Corey Ford also wrote one of the most endearing outdoor stories ever put to pen.

"The Road to Tinkhamtown" tells the poignant story of a man (Frank) who is nearing the end of his life and he is drifting in and out of reality as he deals with pain and the loss of his beloved Setter, Cider. This incredible short story has touched the lives of thousands of outdoorsmen and women since the story was written in 1964.

For the first time, this story will be told in video form. This month, I will be in New England (where the story takes place), and will be narrating this story on camera for airing on television in 2014. If you have not read this short story, please take the time read it...you won't be disappointed. Of course, I will keep you informed as to the status of this project as it moves forward.

This is going to be the first bird season since 1993 that I haven't had either Hank or Dash out in front of me as we chased upland birds together in this great land. Most of those upland hunts, (beginning in 1996 and all currently available at Amazon.com.) were videotaped and shown to viewers across America. My friend and Director, Bob Corley and I taped 135 television shows together before I retired Dash after the 2007 season. When Hank died, I had Dash to continue Hank's legacy on camera, so although it crushed me when I lost Hank, at least I had his "boy". Now that Dash is gone, I find that I don't have the passion I once had. I mention this because in the story of "The Road to Tinkhamtown", there's a line that says, about Frank: "After Cider died, he never got another dog".

I have had many generous offers fromLlewellin breeders (with Hank and/or Dash lineage) to give me a new pup. Maybe it's just too soon, but I just can't do it. Since you are reading this, you probably are a bird hunter and dog owner...you know exactly how I feel.

Wish me luck on this video project... I haven't been in front of a camera in a while...hope I can still "smile on cue"...my best, dez

September 2013 Newsletter

My friends:

Over these last few weeks since Dash passed away, I've been trying to keep busy with future projects to help me through the loss of one of my two famous "boys". During that process, I've been planning a new series tentatively titled "Dez Young's Traveling Sportsman", and have found great interest in it when I've contacted the traditional outdoor networks. If and when that progresses to the point of "probability", as opposed to "possibility", I will certainly let you know.

In the meantime I want to tell you about a unique project that will become a one time "special" that I'm taping this early fall in New England. One of the most famous and beloved outdoor short stories was written by Corey Ford and is called, "The Road to Tinkhamtown". If you've not read it, you can find it on Google. When you read it, have your hanky handy! It's basically about an elderly man (Frank) and his memories of his beloved Setter (Cider). I am participating in turning that story into a television production. It will be produced in New Hampshire (where the story unfolds) in early October and then marketed to the networks by late winter, once it is edited. It will be an honor to be part of this production. My role will be to be on camera, reading the story to viewers, while "B" roll footage tells the visual part of the story. If it turns out the way I anticipate, it will be one of my most important roles in my television career.

With bird hunting season nearly here as I write this, I am struggling with what to do. So much of my love of bird hunting has always revolved around my dogs. Even as a kid, I loved watching our family dogs (Springers and Cockers) work the heavy brush in the country surrounding my home town of Pendleton, Oregon. As an adult, I've always had hunting dogs around me as part of my family. It seems so strange to not have Dash here in my office when I'm working. It will seem even stranger when I can't just put Dash in my truck and head off to chase birds together. If you've lost bird dogs, you know just how I feel. Anyway, I wish you a safe and successful bird hunting season...and give your four legged hunting partner a pet from me...dez

August 2013 Newsletter

Hank's Dashing Bondhu (Dash): born December 10, 2001...Died July 18, 2013

He was his dad's boy...smart, energetic, playful and loving. Just like his dad, Hank, Dash found his way into my heart immediately upon arriving at our home at 7 weeks of age. I had retired Hank from his television show, and the network (then called OLN), had requested that I continue with another bird hunting series, if Dash would be at least an equal to Hank.

It didn't take long for my friend and Director Bob Corley and I to discover that Dash was going to be a credit to his dad. In early training, Dash responded to every new learning experience with all the energy and enthusiasm I could want in a puppy.

Throughout the early training I felt confident that we could start a new series that fall. So, at 9 months of age, with Hank as his only on-camera hunting partner, we taped Dash's first three television shows. After that, he and I shared birdhunting adventures all across the country, and in places I was never able to get Hank (Hawaii and Mexico, for instance).

As his skill increased so did his on-camera appeal. He had a beautiful flowing, white coat with chestnut markings, just like his dad. His points were spectacular, he covered ground like a race horse, but would stop in an instant and "freeze" into heart pounding points that his fans loved to see.

Personal appearances were always a treat, just like they had been with Hank. Fans loved to meet him, get pictures taken with him, and in the case of young girls, plant kisses on his nose. Dash was always a gentleman, and showed great patience at every appearance.

He and I taped 62 episodes of Dash in the Uplands together before I retired him from television. Over the last few years, he and I continued to hunt and make appearances together, including his last public appearance this past spring at the 1st annual Bird Dog Jamboree, where he was the featured celebrity.

It's hard to express the love and gratitude I feel for both of my "boys". They not only provided an excellent living for me, but they were beloved members of the family. My wife Karenanne and I will always have wonderful memories of each of them.

For each episode of his and his dad's television shows, I always reminded our viewers (with my tongue firmly planted in my check), to: Never, ever spoil your bird dog. I had one more opportunity to spoil Dash when he collapsed on our kitchen floor that last morning. I raced to his side, got down on the floor, and held him in my arms. I told him how much I loved him and that I would not leave his side. I know the words meant nothing to him, but I wanted him to hear my voice as he struggled. When he took his last breath, I buried my nose in his coat and breathed in his scent one last time.

To all of you who were kind enough to write, phone, Facebook and text...Karenanne and I want you to know how much that meant to us.

Hank and Dash are the only two television bird dogs in the National Bird Dog Museum and Hall of Fame. You can see their portraits when you visit that wonderful facility.

I will always be grateful for having those two wonderful dogs in my life...I have all of their shows on tape to watch whenever I need a "fix" from them. I have Hank's book to read and Dash's audio book to listen to, as well. It's not the same, of course, but it's a chance to be with my "boys" whenever I need them back in my life.

Give your dog a hug from all of us...dez

July 2013 Newsletter

Hi everyone:

I just returned from Argentina where I had an opportunity to hunt for the wild pigeons that damage up to 20% of the agricultural crops around the countryside near Cordoba. The shooting party included a group of women known by the acronym of GRITS (Girls really into Shooting). The organization was founded by Elizabeth Lanier, and was established to encourage women to get into the shooting sports. Elizabeth is also a high-level shooting instructor, so she was busy not only enjoying the shooting herself, but also making sure each of the woman on this trip were fitted properly to rental guns available at our host location, Puelo Expiditions.

Originally, my intent was to tape two initial shows for the new series being developed (Dez Young's Traveling Sportsman), but the equipment available for taping was not up to American network standards, so all I could do was help our host, Ramiro Allende with some new video footage he can use on his website. The facility was first class, as was the meals, and the shooting. Each morning we left the Estancia around 7:30am or so, traveled by comfortable van to the selected location, and when we arrived were greeted by the bird boys ready to assist with guns, shells, and spotting incoming birds.

The weather was perfect, even though we were down there in the beginning of their winter. Each day broke to clear skies, and warmed up to comfortable temperatures as the day progressed. Although there are two sub-species of wild pigeon there (Spot Wing and Picazuro), the vast majority of birds were Spot Wing pigeons. They are about the size of the pigeons you and I see in the cities and barn yards here in America. The birds were decoyed into shotgun range with stationary decoys as well as mobile ones. Each location we visited provided fast-paced, exciting shooting.

I am planning a return trip to Puelo Expiditions when I can take a cameraman along who will have the equipment needed to video shows for American television.

In the meantime, Dash's audio book (Dash in the Uplands, legacy of a legend) is selling well, and I will soon be striking a deal with a publication to have the books offered, not just here on our website, but also though it's ordering system. As soon as the deal is finalized, I 'll tell you all about it.

Finally, it's been a very hot late June here, so yesterday (Monday the 1st of July), Dash and I headed to our coast to fly fish for Sea Run Cutthroat on one of my favorite Rivers, the Trask. It was a beautiful day to be on the water, and it reminded me that in our new proposed series, I will be seeking out places where I can cast a fly as well as chase birds...

Have a great July, I'll talk to you again in August...dez

June 2013 Newsletter

Hi Everyone:

As we approach early summer, Dash and I begin thinking about fly fishing! One of my favorite summer activities involves grabbing my fly rod and heading to one of the many small streams that flow into the Pacific Ocean here in Oregon. Searun Cutthroat Trout migrate into those streams to spawn, so Dash and I practice "catch and release" fishing for those great little fish. Actually, Dash just comes along with me, poking around in the surrounding steam side brush hoping to find a bird to point. One of his other fun activities involves waiting until I step into a likely looking pool before he plunges in to see if there are any fish there. As a consequence, I don't usually catch that many fish, but he sure brings a whole lot of "comic relief" to those trips.

Now, let me address a rumor that has become prevalent among my Facebook "friends". It's true that I am developing a new bird hunting television series. It's title is: "Dez Young's Traveling Sportsman". During the month of June two things will happen. First, my agent will begin a marketing campaign to see if we can find sponsors for the series. So, by the time summer is over, I should have more news to tell you on that front. Second, in anticipation of a successful effort to locate sponsors, I will be going to Argentina in late June to record two television shows on the Pigeon and Dove hunting available there. Despite interest that has been expressed by different television networks to have me back on television, everything hinges on finding sponsors for this project, so keep your fingers crossed.

For this new proposed series, I have written and recorded new music/lyrics. For all previous shows (Hunting With Hank, Dash in the Uplands, Dez Young's Wingshooter's Journal specials), I wrote and performed the original music, so it was great fun to go back into the recording studio to record something new. It is my great hope that at sometime during 2014, I will be able to announce the airing schedule for this new adventure. One final note for this newsletter...don't forget to keep your bird dog active during the next several months so both of you will be ready for the fall bird hunting season...dez

March 2013 Newsletter

Hi everyone:

As I write this newsletter, Dash and I just got back from a fun weekend at Luckiamute Valley Pheasants here in Oregon. We participated in two days of Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife sponsored activities for persons new to shotguns and bird hunting. Saturday was "novice day". Many people new to shooting got to meet Dash, shoot some clay targets and go on a guided hunt for released Pheasants. Most of the shooters were young people, but one of them was my soon to be son-in-law, Hans Wagner.

With some instructions from me at a local skeet range, he has become a fine shot with my Browning 20 guage side-by-side that I shot on Hank's tv shows. Saturday, he hit virtually every one of his clay targets, then on a time shortened hunt, dropped his first rooster cleanly. That shotgun is now my wedding present to him.

On Sunday, it was "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" day...Dash was a real gentleman with all the ladies there, and I was able to help a couple of them with their clay target shooting before we had to leave. It was a weekend well spent.

REMINDER: Those of you interested in meeting Dash, come join us at the 1st annual Bird Dog Jamboree being held this month at Ka Tonka Game Preserve near New London, Missouri. The dates are March 15-17. Someone will win a hunt with Dash while we're there, and I'll be showing clips from Dash's shows and also bringing with me copies of my fast selling audio book, "Dash in the Uplands, legacy of a legend". They are selling for $26.95, but at the event they will be priced for only $20.00, and each will be signed and "pawed". This will be Dash's last public appearance so be sure to put those dates on your calendar.

REMINDER NUMBER TWO: If Argentina bird hunting is on your "bucket" list, sign up for a mid-June trip to Cordoba, Argentina with me for a fantastic hunting opportunity...two different species of wild Pigeons will be the quarry. Call my friend John Wiles for details and pricing: 1 866 635 2838 or (c) 1 443 624 8719. I will be taping two shows there for my periodic "Dez Young's Wingshooter's Journal" episodes that we've done from Scotland, Uruguay and Hawii. You will become part of the shows as I show the great hunting there (over 5 million Pigeons in Cordoba Province).

talk to you again next month

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